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Nothing from Sunday 3rd July to Wednesday 3rd August.

No Wednesday Masses

There will be no Mass on Wednesdays starting from 4th May except for Salus Animarum. Wednesdays are my day off.

Fr Louis

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Christmas News from Fr Garry

Season’s Greetings from Liberia! The return from southern Spain of the egrets, (locally called the ‘cow’s spirits’), is a sure sign that the dry season is here. Looking ahead, we can anticipate a warm Christmas. Although, as I write, it’s only 33 degrees, and quite...

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Parish News

Parish Newsletter – 05/03/22

Dearly Beloved Parishioners

The Lent journey has started. I wish you every blessing.

May we note:

  1. Mothers’ Prayer Group will be having their prayers every Tuesday in the Church after the 10am Mass. Feel free to join the group.
  2. There will be Stations of the Cross in the Church every Friday @ 9.40am before the Mass. Try join us on the journey.
  3. We pray the Rosary every morning before Mass in response to the global crises, and will be our practice henceforth hopefully. We begin @9.40am. May we make this part of our devotion.
  4. In line with the directives of the Bishops’ Conference Scotland, the First Sunday of Lent, March 6, sees the return of Sunday as a holy day of obligation. We are eager to welcome many of our parishioners for Sunday Mass. Vigil: 5pm; Sunday: 11am.
  5. Sunday, March 6 is Children’s Mass. We commend them into God’s hands for his special blessings.
    Do remain blessed.

Pray without ceasing.


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