2nd Sunday of Advent

Monday : The Immaculate Conception  of the Blessed Virgin Mary  Mass at 10 a.m.

Saturday : Exposition and Confessions.   4.15–4.45. pm.

Sunday : Exposition of Blessed Sacrament.  Interceding for the Church throughout the  world, for  world  peace, for our  country especially at this time of a general election,  for our families and friends, for  deceased relatives  and loved ones   5–6 pm

Many thanks  for the  Christmas gifts given last Sunday.  They will be distributed to needy  families  in the Stirling area in time for Christmas.

This is Year A : we read Matthew’s Gospel. On weekdays we have  Year 11 for our readings.

The second collection last Sunday for the Poor Mission Fund came to : 

Many thanks for this generous contribution

“ Food for the Soul “ : Advent Retreat in SMA House on  the Wednesdays of Advent  :    7.30 pm–8.30 pm

All Welcome

Catholic Diaries available today.   One for each family.  Free     “ Advent Extra “  also available.    £ 1 each



Children’s /Youth Carol: We invite the young people of the parish to practise their carol for the Carol Service on Sunday, December 22.  The practices will be held each Sunday during Advent.

Prayer of a Saint preparing to visit  the Blessed Sacrament

“ I place  myself in the presence of Him, in whose Incarnate Presence I am before I place myself there.  I adore you, my Saviour, present here as God and man, in soul and body, in true flesh and blood. I acknowledge and confess that I kneel before that Sacred  Humanity , which was conceived in Mary’s womb, and lay in Mary’s bosom;  which grew up to man’s  estate, and by the Sea of Galilee called the Twelve , wrought miracles, and spoke words  of wisdom   and peace; which in due season hung on the cross, lay in the tomb, rose from the dead, and now reigns in heaven.  I praise, and bless, and give  myself wholly to him, who is the true bread of my soul, and my everlasting joy.”

St. John Henry Newman

St John Henry Newman had no idea of the wonder of the real presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament until he joined the church;  then he was overwhelmed by it.

Come, Lord Jesus, Come