4th Sunday of Advent

Mass on Monday, Tuesday 10 a.m.
Thursday,  Friday 12 noon.

Saturday : Exposition and Confessions.   4.15–4.45. pm.

This  Evening  : A Celebration of Christmas   7 p.m.

Collection for Fr Gary.      Mince Pies in hall afterwards

Relatives; Neighbours and  Friends of the Holy Family   ——All  Welcome

4th Candle —Advent Wreath–the so-called Angel’s Candle

The light gets ever  brighter as we approach the great feast of the coming of the Lord

Christmas Eve : Children’s Celebration of Christmas   8 p.m.

Children and Servers  involved in the procession are asked to come to the rehearsal  at 12 noon on Tuesday.

Mass of Christmas Midnight : Carols begin at 11.30 p.m.

Christmas Day : Mass of Christmas Morning—the so-called Dawn Mass   11 a.m.

Sunday December  29 : Feast of the Holy Family.     Our Patrons.

We celebrate the  85th anniversary of the opening of our beautiful church of the Holy Family in 1934.

Vigil Mass Sat. 5 pm;     Sunday Morning   11 a.m.

Wednesday January  1 : Mary the Holy Mother of God.   Solemnity.  Mass at 12 noon.

The Winter Solstice  takes place today ( Dec. 22 )  at 4.19 a.m.

Surely one of God’s wonderful works–the earth wobbling backwards and forwards,  giving us  the four seasons and life on earth.  No wobble;  no life.  Scientists call it the Goldilocks Effect, as there is no logical reason for it. We, followers of the Lord Jesus, know it is due to Divine Providence, the work of a loving Father.   We should take the opportunity of the winter solstice to praise God for all his wonderful works, and not just for the solstice.  

Significant  Christmas  Quotations

“ Drop down dew,  ye heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain down the Just One.  Let the earth be opened and bring forth a Saviour “

From the liturgy–based on Isaiah 45.v.8

And again

“ The ox knows its owner and the donkey its master’s crib, Israel knows nothing, my people understands nothing”

Isaiah ch1.v3.

The rejection of Our Lord by  people is symbolised by the ox and the donkey in the crib scene.

The Christmas Blessing ( taken from Midnight Mass )

(this blessing  could be recited at home around the crib, with a little sprinkling of holy water )


When he came to us as man, the Son of God scattered the darkness of this world and filled this holy night with his glory. 

 May the God of infinite goodness scatter the darkness of sin and brighten our hearts with holiness.  Amen.

God sent his angels to shepherds to herald the great  joy of our Saviour’s birth.

 May he fill us with joy and make us heralds of his Gospel. Amen.

When the  Lord became man, earth was joined to heaven.

 May he give us peace and goodwill, and fellowship with all the heavenly host.  Amen.

And may Almighty God bless us , Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen

We Wish All Parishioners, Friends and Neighbours

A Happy and Grace-Filled Christmas