Church of the Holy Family


Mass Times

Advent & Christmas 2021

  • Sunday, 28th November, 11:00 am
    1st Sunday of Advent

    Special Collection (Poor Mission Fund)

  • Sunday, 5th December, 11:00 am
    2nd Sunday of Advent

    Gift Mass

  • Sunday, 12th December, 11:00 am
    3rd Sunday of Advent

    Bambinelli Sunday

  • Sunday, 19th December, 7:00 pm
    4th Sunday of Advent

    Christmas Carol Service

  • Wednesday, 22nd December, 7:00 pm
    Penitential Service

    Christmas Confession

  • Friday, 24th December, 8:00 pm
    Christmas Eve

    Children’s Celebration of Christmas

  • Saturday, 25th December, 12:00 am
    Mass of Christmas Midnight

    Carols begin at 11.30pm

  • Saturday, 25th December, 11:00 am
    Christmas Day

    Mass of Christmas Morning

  • Sunday, 26th December, 11:00 am
    The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

    The Feast Day of our Church

  • Monday, 27th December, 10:00 am
    Anniversary of our Church

    The 87th Anniversary of the Dedication of our Church


This Week

  • Monday 29th November
    10:00 am, Mass
  • Tuesday 30th November
    10:00 am, Mass
  • Wednesday 1st December
    10:00 am, Mass
  • Thursday 2nd December
    10:00 am, Mass
  • Friday 3rd December
    10:00 am, Mass
  • Saturday 4th December
    5:00 pm, Vigil

    2nd Sunday of Advent

  • Sunday 5th December
    11:00 am, Mass

    2nd Sunday of Advent

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Notes on the Gospel of 5th Sunday of Easter

Notes on the Gospel of 5th Sunday of Easter

Not a sermon --just highlighting some of the crucial truths in the Lord’s final discourse to his disciples at the Last Supper. Jesus : “ I go to prepare a place for you.” This  is the talk of a  bridegroom.The Jewish custom in the first century  was  for the wedding...

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Notes on 4th Sunday of Easter

Notes on 4th Sunday of Easter

Not a sermon--just a few notes on the readings. Now that we have reached 4th Sunday of Easter, the liturgy turns towards Pentecost and the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Good Shepherd --refers back to the Book of Ezekiel ch. 34 vv2-6  where the Old Testament priests were...

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Parish News

65th Jubilee of Ordination


Dear Parishioners  : Many thanks  for celebrating with me the 65th anniversary of my ordination which took place in All Hallows, Dublin, on June 17, 1956.   I have to thank everyone who helped in any way in the celebration and all who came —members  of the parish council, organisers, helpers children, and all who attended.   A special word of thanks to Bishop Stephen and the clergy.   I want to give thanks for all the prayers, cards and donations received and for the Spiritual Bouquet.   When one reaches a certain age, prayers are especially welcomed.

I can only repeat what I said at the Mass –I thank God for bringing me to this beautiful Diocese of Dunkeld; and for the support and help I received over 65 years from the clergy of the Diocese, bishops and priests alike.  Also for the unstinted love and support I received from the parishioners in the various parishes in which I served.   This is true   especially of the Holy Family Parish which I have had the privilege of serving for over 32 years.  The parishioners  are, after all, the People of God and this was proved to me over and over again in the kindness and love that has been shown to me over all these years .

I can only pray that the Lord will reward with his choicest graces and blessings all who have been good to me since I arrived in the Diocese of Dunkeld in July, 1956.

Monsignor Basil O’Sullivan
Church of the Holy Family
June 2021

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