Parish Newsletter – 30/06/24

  • There will be a special collection: Peter’s Pence this weekend, 29/30 June 2024. May we donate generously.
  • The Lectionary we are currently using in the Church will be phased out by the first Sunday of Advent this year. A new set of four volumes will be acquired. Donors are welcome.
  • We sincerely thank an anonymous donor who donated £1000 to the parish through Luisa Ciccu for the music box. May God repay you abundantly.
  • There will be grandparents meeting on Wednesday, July 3 in the lower hall at 10.30am
  • There will be Mass for the sick/anointing on Thursday, 4 July at the 10am Mass.
  • The Mass for the family is still going on every Thursday evening @7pm. There will be Rosary @6.40pm before the Mass. Do join us.
  • May we remember to make use of the brown envelope with which we support Fr Garry.
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