Parish Newsletter – 19/03/23

  • Today we celebrate the amiable mothers of the Holy Family. Wishing you all the best blessings of heaven.
  • The funeral of Rosemary Ward will take place on Monday March 20, at 11am. We keep her in our prayers. May she rest in peace.
  • There will be a special collection: Papal and Episcopal Charities, this weekend. Kindly donate generously.
  • The brown envelops which we use for gathering help for Fr Garry are still at the back of the Church. It will be helpful to begin to use them again after the pandemic.
  • The Daylight Saving Time starts next Sunday 26th We may lose an hour of sleep. Let us take note.
  • Consider joining any of these ministries in the Church: Readers, Church cleaners, Flower group, Choir, Welcomers, etc. Get involved. The Lord is calling you!
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