Easter Message from Fr Garry

Dear Father Louis and our Friends at Holy Family Parish,

A few lines, to wish you all a blessed Easter. On Holy Thursday, Musa Siryon, my ‘carer’ and driver, accompanied me to Robertsport. John Geeton, is also with us. John is preparing his thesis prior to graduating in August, with a BSc in Environmental Science.

On the previous Saturday, we brought Gaie Sumo, one of our former students to Robertsport, to St Timothy’s hospital. Dr James, an American Orthopaedic Surgeon, is performing wonderful work, here. People are arriving from various parts of the country.

As for Gaie, he was riding his motorcycle when a car collided with him on a curve. This left him with cuts and bruises, and a broken arm. He has been to the traditional bone doctor, but the problem persists; therefore, several days ago, Dr. James operated on our patient: thank God he is improving.

Before we left Bomi Hills, Mustapha and Amos, two more of our college students, helped me to tidy the cemetery behind the Mission, in preparation for Easter. More that 300 children were laid to rest there in 1996, during one of the rebel occupations of our town. The children sadly suffered from severe malnutrition. The first attachment, ‘Christ is Risen’, is the cross that marks this Garden of Remembrance.

Musa, has kindly arranged several other pictures: St Dominic’s Church, Bomi, the Leper Colony at Massatine, in Grand Cape Mount and snaps of the Waterfront at Robertsport.
Our Palm Sunday procession went well. Holy Thursday and Good Friday was quiet.

I have noticed over the years that the Church attendance here is very good on three particular days of the year: The Feast of the Holy Family, New Year’s Eve and tomorrow, Easter Sunday. So I am hoping that some of our fishermen will manage to leave their nets for an hour or two, to come and pray with us!

Looking ahead to May 11, I’ll be celebrating my Golden Jubilee to the priesthood (May 11, 1972). The Archdiocese is marking the occasion on Saturday May 14, at the Cathedral, for people living in Monrovia: The Apostolic Nuncio is presiding at the Mass. On the following day, Sunday May 15, there is a celebration at St Dominic’s in Bomi County, for the local villages and towns: Bishop Andrew Karnley of Cape Palmas, whom I baptised in 1977, is leading the Mass.

I pray that you have a blessed Easter.

With kindest regards, Fr. Garry

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