Parish Newsletter – 13/02/22

  1. The Confirmation of our dear children will be on the 23rd of February, 2022 at 7pm. As we normally do, there will be a brief sit-together with the Bishop in the upper hall after the Mass.
  2. Following the easing of some of the Covid restrictions imposed by the government, the Bishops have permitted the reinstatement of holy water use at entrances to the Church which practice must be done in a safe manner.
  3. While the kiss of peace is not yet permitted as in pre-pandemic times, it is however allowed to give a respectful bow to those around you in that part of the Mass.
  4. Also Offertory Procession has been permitted to go ahead in our Churches. Just to inform you that on the day of Confirmation, our children will bring forward the bread and wine for the sacrifice. And thenceforth, we will carry on the practice as it will encourage the involvement of our children in the Church.
  5. Those who are yet to fill the Synodality Questionnaire, the portal is still open. Kindly visit the diocesan website and complete the form. All submissions, digital or written are expected to have reached the Diocese before February 27th.
  6. As a family, we both welcome and commend the work Fr Gary Jenkins is doing on our behalf for the Church and humanity in Liberia. As he celebrates his Golden Jubilee as a priest on May 11, 2022, we pray God to keep him blessed in his vineyard.
  7. We hope to begin the Catechism for our High School children on Friday February 25th by 3.30pm. Please inform and encourage your children to join.
  8. The number of our members who are in the choir have reduced. God has blessed you with voice, please join the choir especially to make the day of the Confirmation of our children grand. Luisa Ciccu will be there to help you.
  9. As we proposed last year, we look to having Children’s Mass once every month. This will hold every First Sunday of the month. We will begin this on March 6th 2022 by 11am. Let us all be there to encourage our children in their journey of faith.

Happy Sunday dearly beloved parishioners.

Do stay blessed.


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