Letter to the Parishioners of the Holy Family

Dear Parishioner.

Our good news is that the new guidelines have lifted most of the restrictions on worship in the Holy Family Church, Dunblane.

This means :

1. We can now accommodate 100 worshippers at any one time.

2. Holy Communion will be received at the correct part of the Mass, i.e. after the celebrant has received Communion. It must be taken on the hand.

3. Masks must still be worn.

4. Hands must be sanitised on entering and leaving the church.

5. We still have track and trace, so people have to sign their names and contact numbers. In the case of a family, it is sufficient if one person signs his/her name and the number in the family attending e.g. Joe Bloggs, the number in the family attending and contact details.

6. More good news. In the mornings the Church will be left open for private visits to the Blessed
Sacrament. Please sanitise your hands on entering and leaving; also sign the book with your name and contact details. A mask should be worn while in church.

7. We need to give the church a good, thorough cleaning at least once a week. Please contact Kay O’Neill if you are prepared to help.

8. While the virus has not gone away, and we have to continue to be cautious, I sincerely hope parishioners will feel more confident in attending Sunday Mass.

Attendance at Sunday Mass has always been the first requirement of any disciple of the Lord Jesus – He made this plain when he said : Do this in memory of me. The recent lockdown did not do away with this solemn command, backed up, as it is, by the third commandment to worship God on the Sabbath Day, which has become our Sunday.

We will resume our streamed services this coming week (Sunday 22nd August) : Sunday Devotions at 5pm; Stations of the Cross and Holy Mass on Wednesdays at 7pm; Holy Hour on Fridays 7pm-8pm.

While the services are streamed, people are invited to attend in person.

May the Lord bless us all as we enter a new post-lockdown chapter in our story as His ardent followers and disciples.

Monsignor Basil

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