The Feast of St Columba

Dear Parishioner,

Graces and Blessings

With the wonderful  feast of Pentecost  celebrated on Sunday,  we now look forward to celebrating the feast of Corpus Christi—the Body and Blood of Christ   in the Blessed Eucharist.  Usually a time for processions   and rejoicing, but no processions this year—but we still rejoice  in his wonderful love for us.    Before He ascended  into heaven He did promise to be with us until the end of the world and how wonderfully that is fulfilled in every tabernacle in the world . That wee red light continues to shine in  our churches even while they are locked.  Rejoice in his comforting  presence  during these days of anxiety  and uncertainty.

This is the month of June—dedicated to the Sacred Heart –another reason for trust and confidence when we are feeling anxious   The short prayer,

”  Sacred Heart of of Jesus, I place my trust in you ”

can be said at any time and in any place—mowing the lawn, filling the dish-washer, making the beds etc.  Nobody can stop you from reciting that prayer.  It reminds us that Jesus is the Saviour of the world and we trust Him.

I attach a link to a pastoral letter from the Scottish Bishops addressing our current difficulties  and their hope that our churches can shortly be opened.  While that is to be welcomed,  I must put in  a caveat. We are  a small community with limited resources and an ageing  population. It is very difficult to see how we can open the church in  a way that is safe and secure  for  our parishioners.  Do not be disappointed if we delay opening until later on when the current restrictions have been lifted.

Today, Tuesday, June 9, is the feast of St Columba, the patron of our diocese.  He is buried in the small village of Dunkeld,  presumably near to the  beautiful and poignant ruins of the medieval Cathedral.  I attach a link to a short account of his life.

Be of good heart.

May the Lord continue to fill you  and your loved ones with his love

May God Bless all of us at this time


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