Twenty Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

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The 2nd Collection last Sunday  for the Ecclesiastical Student’s Fund came to:  £ 329.80

Many thanks for this generous contribution to help with the education of our  future priests

Mass on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday   10 a.m.

Confession with Exposition.    Saturdays  from 4.15—4.45. p.m.

Sunday : Exposition  of Blessed Sacrament   5—6 p.m.

Interceding for the Church;  for the Country;  for our loved ones,  living and dead.

Relics of St Therese

There is a  a letter from the Bishop about them  on the table

Mary Meals : Will  be here during  the weekend of October 12/13

Collection of Textiles for Recycling /  Raffle

Together we are Mission

This year the Holy Father has designated  October a special month for the Missions

Mission Sunday : October 20th

Diocese of Dunkeld Mission Day.   Saturday,  October 26,  in Lawside Centre.

Start at 10 a.m. with morning prayer.   End at 3 p.m. with Mass offered by Bishop Stephen

All interested in the Missions are invited — especially people  involved with Mary’s Meals, SCIAF, Fr. Gary etc.

October is also the Month of the Holy Rosary

Religious Instruction for Primary School Children

Dunblane Primary School : Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays –meet at 8.30 a.m.  in dining hall

Newton Primary :  Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays — meet in porch at 8.30 a.m.

New parishioners with children at  primary school should consult the head teachers of Dunblane and Newton about  the provision  of Catholic  R. E.   Also, please inform either Miss Ciccu or Monsignor if you wish  your children to receive  R. E.

We need more mothers to help  with these classes.   Please volunteer if you can

Religious Instruction for High School Pupils

Fridays in Church from 3.30 pm. to 4 p.m.

Please note that these classes in themselves are not  sufficient  to  provide children with an adequate instruction in the Catholic Faith.  To be effective,  they should be  supplemented by teaching ,  discussion, good example and , above all,  family prayer  in our homes.   Instruction and Formation are essential.

We are reminded of the old saying : Use it or lose it.

And the ”IT” is the jewel of great price—the Catholic Faith, gateway to eternal life.  

“Life is very short;  eternity is very long”

Cardinal John  Henry Newman: to be canonised on October 13

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