Church of the Holy Family

The Roman Catholic Parish of Dunblane
in the Diocese of Dunkeld

This Week

  • Monday 17th June
    10:00 am, Mass
  • Tuesday 18th June
    10:00 am, Mass
  • Thursday 20th June
    10:00 am, Mass
  • Thursday 20th June
    7:00 pm, Mass
  • Friday 21st June
    10:00 am, Mass
  • Saturday 22nd June
    5:00 pm, Vigil
  • Sunday 23rd June
    11:00 am, Mass

Parish Notices

  • The Father’s Day celebration is on Sunday. We rejoice and wish the men among us well on this special day.
  • The end of the year Mass for our children will be on Sunday. We wish parents, teachers and our children well.
  • There will be a special collection this weekend 15/16 June: The Day for Life. May we kindly donate generously.
  • The Lectionary we are currently using in the Church will be phased out by the first Sunday of Advent this year. A new set of four volumes will be acquired. Donors are welcome.
  • We sincerely thank an anonymous donor of £1000 to the parish through Luisa Ciccu for the music box. May God repay you abundantly.
  • Dunkeld Lourdes Pilgrimage are holding their pre-pilgrimage Mass in St Leonard & Fergus, Dundee at 6.30pm on Thursday 20th of June 2024. There will be refreshments in the Church Hall after Mass and everyone is welcome.
  • May we remember to make use of the brown envelope with which we support Fr Garry.

Parish Newsletter

Corpus Christi

Please find attached Mass Sheets and notices for Corpus Christi — Fr Louis Attachments 2024